Young Curators, New Ideas III at P.P.O.W


My micro exhibition, Quantum Limbo, is included in this year’s Young Curators, New Ideas show at PPOW. It already got a nice mention on the Sundance Channel blog.

mr. & mrs. amani olu (formerly amani olu projects), in conjunction with P·P·O·W, is pleased to present Young Curators, New Ideas III, an experimental exhibition that investigates current positions in contemporary art through the perspective of six curators. Exhibiting curators include Andrew Russeth & Liza Buzytsky, Erin Dziedzic, Kate Greenberg & Hilary Schaffner, Stamatina Gregory, Gabriella Hiatt, and James Shaeffer. These multifaceted and dynamic micro-exhibitions consider contemporary issues that exist at the intersection of curatorial practice and artistic production.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, a theory of quantum mechanics, claims that there are features of the world that cannot simultaneously be quantified. One can’t measure, for instance, both the speed and position of a particle, or a planet: the knowledge of one blurs the value of the other, and the observed becomes part of an observed system. Quantum Limbo, curated by Stamatina Gregory, brings together two artists, Julia Oldham and Brian Clifton, who have independently explored this principle through their work, in both literal and metaphoric engagements with the meanings and measurements of physics. Their practices share a ruthless, yet eloquent appropriation of a scientific rubric in order to investigate contemporary structures of meaning from both within and without the art world.

P·P·O·W 511 West 25th Street, Room 301, New York NY 10001 Summer Hours M-F, 10-5pm

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